Since 2006 we export worldwide embossed metal labels made with the best materials: a very flexible aluminum able to adapt to different surface shapes, an easy to apply food grade adhesive and a distinctive patina finished by hand. Each metal label you receive is really unique. Therefore, in the last time, our metal labels have a wide acceptance in the liquors and spirits branch. Our 100% aluminum metal labels are also an ecological advantage in comparison to Tin labels (also known as Pewter labels) that use lead. Very important for us is the service and communication with our clients along the manufacturing and delivering process. We offer continuous feedback and total honesty relating lead timing. Again and again we are always pleased to deliver our one of a kind metal embossed aluminum labels for our client´s premium products.

Personalized metal labels transform your Brand identity.

Our mission is to make your product stand out and gain competitive advantage.

This powerful marketing tool greatly enhances any packaging and is guaranteed to capture the attention of consumer, turning the labels into the best advertisement for your product.

The label´s visual appeal is reinforced by adding a tactile dimension using raised (embossed) images and type, giving your product that extra Edge at the point of purchase. This is a Smart investment that helps to earn solid returns.